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All New on YouTube – New Art Work

It has been way to long since I wrote on my blog. I guess with Covid going on it has changed my entire life. We have my Mom in a house right next to her’s and we had a caregiver helping us out. But when this all started well we took over her care and that has been a bit more than I bargained for. Hubby isn’t working so that is helping but our business line still rings and I just keep very busy. But I wanted to share some of the painting I have done recently and most of them you can see on my YouTube site.

In addition if there is something that interests you please contact me directly. Hope you all stay safe and enjoy the artwork that is being shared. And with any luck I will have time in the near future to add products to the shop.

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All New in the shop and on Sale is the code marchishere and save 24% through the 15th

I have added an amazing and stunning acrylic with resin and texture 18×18 canvas and sitting in a black floating frame.

I also have added a couple set of 4 coasters and a couple sets of 2 coasters. Great for the home or office and make wonderful gifts.

Just remember the sale is running now and ready to be sent out.

Enjoy your day.

Laura Burger

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Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work But Don’t Give Up

As an artist or creative person you have something envisioned in your head and when go to do it, it just isn’t what you thought it would be. Just don’t give up hope you can always do something that may or may not work but and either make it okay or amazing. A project did about 2 weeks ago was an example of just this happening and well I repoured a section and I love the out come. Still not what I envisioned in my head, but rarely does that really happen like that. And here is a link to the video. As always this is for sale and if interested let me know at And before too long it will be going into the shop. Just not enough hours in the days to get real life things done and have the extra play time I would love to have.

Happy Mishap that makes me happy