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All New in the shop and on Sale is the code marchishere and save 24% through the 15th

I have added an amazing and stunning acrylic with resin and texture 18×18 canvas and sitting in a black floating frame.

I also have added a couple set of 4 coasters and a couple sets of 2 coasters. Great for the home or office and make wonderful gifts.

Just remember the sale is running now and ready to be sent out.

Enjoy your day.

Laura Burger

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Really Happy How This Bugger Turned Out

This was a pour on a 18×18 canvas. It started one way and I didnt like it and re-poured on it wet – you can see the video here. And I knew I had plans to make it even better! After having talk with a new artist friend, I talked myself into finishing this project that you can find the video here. And here is the result. One final flood cover and into a frame and it will be ready for the store.

Example of how this could look on your wall.

Enjoy your week, I have family coming in but I will be painting or doing some resin by Sunday.


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From A Mistake To A Happy Surprise

From disaster to a miracle pour! I love how it turned out. Each time you sit down to do some kind of art you really never know what your really going to get, this is one of those times. I tried pearly pastel colors and really after 15 minutes or less I hated it. I knew I had to grab some more me colors and go for it. I love it. You can check out the process here.


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Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work But Don’t Give Up

As an artist or creative person you have something envisioned in your head and when go to do it, it just isn’t what you thought it would be. Just don’t give up hope you can always do something that may or may not work but and either make it okay or amazing. A project did about 2 weeks ago was an example of just this happening and well I repoured a section and I love the out come. Still not what I envisioned in my head, but rarely does that really happen like that. And here is a link to the video. As always this is for sale and if interested let me know at And before too long it will be going into the shop. Just not enough hours in the days to get real life things done and have the extra play time I would love to have.

Happy Mishap that makes me happy
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Happy New Year To All!

It is already 2020 and I still can’t believe how fast 2019 went. I guess the old saying the older you get the faster life passes you by. I have been so busy with holiday activities that I have not shown much in the way of what I have been working on. But I have been very busy in the background. Here is a recent video I did and hope you enjoy it. This will be listed in the shop here very soon. And watch the second video with this one that I used a completely new product like a varnish – but called a pouring resin.

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Welcome to Fluid Art by Laura Burger

Just to give you a little background about myself. I have from even a very young age love all types of art, to the point of saying one day to my Dad at about age 10 to 12, I am going to be an Artist. That didn’t go over very well, I was told no daughter of mine is going to be a starving artist. So my hopes and dreams were quickly down the drain. But that didn’t stop me from loving to be creative anyway I could be. I started digital designing digital scrapbook products, which was an exciting new way for me to be creative. I started that in 2006 and currently still do this as one of my creative outlets. But I began a couple of years really getting into some new mediums like acrylic and resin. I found them to be very exciting and started replacing older painting within my own home with my new creations. I started sharing online and I was selling items to friends and family. As time went on I started to go to Art Festivals and I was selling there. So that is when I decided to start this blog to add products that I have made, a store to shop on that I will be adding more products in the very near future and video of some of my process in making some of the artwork.

Some of my art at my home.
Additional art on my walls.

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Hope you have a wonderful day!