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New Video and More

Well since my Mother passed away it has been one issue after another and then the holidays. This was a project I was determined to get done as I just knew with the pain I was in that I had ruined my shoulder again and would need surgery, this was beginning of October. Happy to say that I am better without surgery. I finally had the time to frame the 24×36 painting and get the varnish on it. You can find the video – which is not very good but the best I could do at the time here. Hopefully the new set up I will have will work out better for the larger pieces I so love doing. Here is a photo of it on the wall of the bedroom.

I also had time to work on another bigger painting but the video became corrupt. I wanted to share this with you. I love how this one turned out it looks like it is looking deep into a geode. This one is for sale so if anyone is interested in it – please contact me at

Hope you all have a happy holiday season even with this dreaded virus going around. We will probably be watching old movies and acting like a bore old couple that day.


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