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Sorry for Doing The Disappearing Act

It has been a very crazy year which almost all know about. But between my husband stopping our business for the obvious reasons and caring for my Mom, that was 87 years old. She lived in a little house we built next door to our home so when and if she needed help we would be close by. Well, the day came in late May that we knew there was some kind of issue going on with her and on June 15th we were told that not only did she have bladder cancer she also had cancer all over her left side of her body. She had decided on her own that she was not treating it and was ready to go to heaven when the Lord called out her number. But as time went on more care was needed and eventually Hospice Care. It was pretty much a full-time job for myself and my husband taking care of her and things around the houses.

If you follow me on Facebook or subscribed to my YouTube Channel then you have seen a few videos I posted of some paintings, done mostly to just relax and get my head together with everything that we were going through. So if you don’t follow me you might check out both of the links.

I am still not doing as much art as I would like but I still do graphic design off and it is how I making a full time living from home. But I do have plenty of art and pieces to start adding to my shop here. I gave up my Amazon Handmade and Etsy store as I feel that adding pieces to the store here will allow me the option of giving the best pricing I can give without a middleman taking their percentage.

The holidays are coming up and there will be people that are looking for that special one of a kind gift to give. So I hope to be adding pieces at least once a week if not more often and have an array of different art pieces available.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Besides, if you are local to the Prescott/Yavapai Country area I will be offering free pick and possible delivery.

Hope you all stay safe and enjoy your weekend.


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