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Did a Chat At The Artist Haven with Tish

This last Tuesday I did a chat with Tish at The Artist Haven and had a really good time doing this with her. Doing that time I did two acrylic pours on glass trivets that I actually wasn’t sure on the gold one if I liked but after drying I was really happy with them and will be adding resin to them once they are ready for resin.

You can find her videos here.

And here are photos of the finished paintings before the resin will be applied.

So I am doing some painting here and there along with taking some wonderful classes with Sandra Lett. And learning more about painting with a brush and have had some wonderful outcomes. The last one I did was a colorful eye that I will be doing one more time as I sold the first one.

Enjoy your week and if I ever get caught up I will be adding more to the shop here.

Laura Burger

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