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Welcome to Fluid Art by Laura Burger

Just to give you a little background about myself. I have from even a very young age love all types of art, to the point of saying one day to my Dad at about age 10 to 12, I am going to be an Artist. That didn’t go over very well, I was told no daughter of mine is going to be a starving artist. So my hopes and dreams were quickly down the drain. But that didn’t stop me from loving to be creative anyway I could be. I started digital designing digital scrapbook products, which was an exciting new way for me to be creative. I started that in 2006 and currently still do this as one of my creative outlets. But I began a couple of years really getting into some new mediums like acrylic and resin. I found them to be very exciting and started replacing older painting within my own home with my new creations. I started sharing online and I was selling items to friends and family. As time went on I started to go to Art Festivals and I was selling there. So that is when I decided to start this blog to add products that I have made, a store to shop on that I will be adding more products in the very near future and video of some of my process in making some of the artwork.

Some of my art at my home.
Additional art on my walls.

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Hope you have a wonderful day!

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